Year Of Change

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Two months into the new year was quite a whirlwind of sorts concerning my mental health on the fluctuating roller coaster. YEP!! FOR SURE!! The more I’ve come to open up of my experience vulnerabilities come out of me. I’m not containing it. When I need to cry I cry, when I’m angry I let it out. I’ve manifested several emotions for so very long I came to the boiling point to even getting to be a nag of sorts to a certain someone. He can test to it.

What this all means for me is change and how to work through every kink in my brain. I hate the cycle. God sure knows what he’s doing for me and that is the trauma counseling. There’s progress and work on my part. It is the bad days I don’t like. I’m not forcing myself any longer either, hence forth growth and plenty of it.  I no longer sit in silence and fear, and I for one will finally look fear into the eye this year.

I’m not a victim any longer. I’m a warrior!

6:37 pm , Sunday 3/3/2019