Winter Moments

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These winter months sure have been rough on me lately. Since Christmas my entire routine has gone through the ups and downs. Sleeping has been a struggle of sorts, either not getting enough sleep or over sleeping. Most recently had a med change. Have been through a few already just in the past couple of months. A little over eating and indulgence on the sweets. I’m quite an emotional eater, and the intake of sugar would alarm you what I’ve indulged on. YIKES!! List is endless. Aside from the sugar intake I’ve found myself not getting out as much either. For the most part I enjoy spending my time outside enjoying the weather when the weather is permitted. Snow finally and I for one am not too keen of it. Another factor of course. Having my routine all out of wack and simply not feeling motivated to do anything has caused my depression to worsen a bit. I’d much rather be my up beat self ready to tackle what ever may come my way. I’m not one for resolutions yet found myself coming to terms of my goal this year. It is merely a goal and I’m taking off with it in a big way as traveling has been in my sights. Taking my first solo trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky late March early April and just in time after the re-release of my very first book The Poetry Diaries in which began the entire series. I’m really excited to get the re-release out to the public. The decision to work full-time from home, hence forth my career as an author, writer, poet, artist. It sure beats the hustle and bustle of applying for part-time work in retail of any kind. I did my 20 year time. It’s behind me now. Yet I do feel the pressure to look for part-time work to bring in some extra cash flow. Self-published authors have some difficulties to maintain a steady income, as I do know. It isn’t easy. I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. There’s a ton of work involved, I just don’t see it that way since it has brought so much satisfaction in my life. I can thank my dearest best friend for it. He’s been a God send, a quite influential person in my life. He’s inspired my writing,and my writing is the best it’s ever been. Having his support means the world to me. I have my doubters which causes friction and conflict. What a trip! (loosely speaking) 

With all this said starting off 2019 has been a little off and on especially so during these winter months. All the ordinary and a little excitement. So here I am! I’m going with the flow and doing so as I get through these winter months.