Where Do I Go?

It has been some time since I have felt the need to write a testimonial. I know what to say and how to say it is though without receiving any pity from anyone. I’m not ashamed to say I was near homeless. The thought of it is down right scary, it was the fact of experiencing it first hand. Where to go and who I could possibly go to who would understand my situation. There was a time of uncertainty, battling with myself, trying to understand why it happened. Could it have been prevented? Of course it could have been. By law during a pandemic, landlords are to comply with CDC guidelines, evictions are over turned in court. There’s a reason by every story. Mine wasn’t a shock to me, nor did it take me by surprise. In fact I fought it to the point of trying to find someone who would help me look into legal representation. I was told there wasn’t anything I could do after 30 days even though it was close to 30 days to be exact. Furiously agitated mentally as much emotionally my days were just trying to get by doing what I could do, and with three cats neither of us were stable to say the least. It came down to admitting myself to a crisis center for help and assistance. For quite some time all worked out. It was turning around. I fought with myself quite a bit, it was mostly fighting to live in a stable matter. It did for a short period of time in transitional housing. I do admit that much. Nothing prepared me for what was coming next. Back in the same situation. Came to a point of a call I made that would change for the better and it did. A month went by, 2 months went by, my anxiety and depression had eased up immensely. Progressed and for once can say I felt better than I did in more than 3 years.
Reunited with all 3 of my girls, Reba, Daisy and Pink, my loves. I was happy, I felt joy. Stability, finally after all that time from living in an apartment to barely having any place to live for that matter. I practically lived in and out of my car for more than a month. I must say my faith was tested tremendously, I barely knew where it was at times. I asked God to take care of it but it seemed as if he wasn’t listening. I wasn’t resting in him until I learned what it was. Watching Joseph Prince daily, listening to his words filled my heart. It was a reminder where I needed to go and who to surround myself with. What I learned the most was to trust in the Lord as for some time I lost that trust. He renewed me in a sense of peace leaning on him. He was listening to my prayers when I didn’t think he did. He pulled me out of the situation and with the rightful one’s. There are people who want the best of you and for you. Some of them only say what they say and not act on their words. I’ll let God take care of them while I continue on my rightful path. There are much better things to come and a challenge or two. Human nature to live through life challenges.