The Meaning Of The Season

Family Together Meaning Testimony Cover Image

It isn’t about presents, the lights, decorating, parties and festivities. Christmas is far more than that. The real meaning is time spent with family, what to be thankful for. I’m simply saying it as it is. The Lord, Jesus. We celebrate his birth and coming in the world. He and his father, our God created us as one whole family. We are family bound by Christ. Whether we are by flesh and blood or not at all, we’re still family. We come and go, pass on, or merely enter it to simply leave quite shortly after.

Many families are brought together due to circumstances in their lives and some are brought together through long life friendships.  Family has always been the root of my life and when it was torn apart the pieces kept coming undone. I’ve experienced quite a lot of loss and processing it is quite difficult. With this loss a realization occurred. Who my real family is.  It is of few by blood, long life friendship, a brand new friendship, closest friendships. They are my family.  It’s my little family, extended family whom I love more than anything.  The memories and those being made is what brings me joy, and I thank the Lord for it. I cry tears at times some are sad, angry tears and some are happy. I could easily become bitter for the loss in my family. I won’t. I deserve happiness, content and peace. Those who are no longer a part of my family and life so be it. Maybe one day they will come to realize the loneliness themselves. Loneliness, to be alone is hard to live with, at times so quite difficult. It is and I feel it. I won’t feel sorry for myself I’ll keep going as long as I have my real little family by my side. That is what matters.

You too have a family, you’re little family who you love and they love you even when you get mad at each other, fight, argue, bicker. You still love each other. It’s the joy and happiness, and good times you have. The Lord creates it as he brought you together the way he did.

Remember the real meaning behind the season. The Lord and family.

Many Blessings,

Shellie Palmer