Spiritual Awakening

Call it what you will, it is in fact true to experience a spiritual awakening. I’d like to ask you a question? Do you see the numbers 11:11, 1:11, 7:11 often? I never knew the meaning behind those numbers to be frank until I began to dig into a bit. Over the course of the past 4 weeks have seen the numbers quite frequently when it was least expected. What I have learned so far which makes complete sense to me is that an awakening happened deep within my soul. The spirit within my body has released a calmness and peace to coming into my own as a woman. After the experiences of two major life events, the people who have come, gone and passed on have finally brought me into the light and to bring the right people who belong in my life. Nothing happens by choice it happens by chance.  A spark came out in me that was far, deeply hidden for so very long. Having the spark has made me sparkle inwardly and it is showing in my facial expressions. I have learned to love myself and to be happy, as someone has told me I deserve to be happy, and I’ll never be forgotten. This person is the right person to be in my life and those who have come before him, well, they will be prayed for, for several reasons. The mind, body and soul become connected and mine is slowly in that direction that has led to my spiritual awakening. My time on earth is only temporary and I for one am taking each day as they come. The greatest joy in my life are the people who are meant to be in it, and to be a part of the greater good. My heart is beating not ever fleeting, though consciously I struggle with high anxiety, massive depression and PTSD and living with a learning disability among things, well I don’t let it hinder me. My spirit is alive and has connected me in spiritual ways to getting involved with others and community. It isn’t about having a paying job it is what is meant to be. This is where I’m at.

Monday 11/05/18 @ 2:12 pm