Sign Of Life

Sign Of Life Testimony Cover Image

These days I’ve seen several signs pointing me in the direction to listen, see, smell, hear and touch my surroundings more rather than to jump to conclusions what may be happening. I’m taking in what I’m experiencing and it’s giving me clarity and a sense of peace in which I’ve lacked in for quite a long time. I’m no longer the person I was a few years ago I’m much more in tune with myself and my own well being. The greatest sign was when I began to see the numbers 1:11 and 11:11 quite often not knowing what it meant until I dug into it a little deeper. The numbers come from great transition to a spiritual awakening in a way to heal me and remind me spirits are protecting and leading me into great change as several changes are to occur in my life. These spirit guides are doing such that as they watch over me through these changes to one spirit guide who’s all flesh and blood, and he’s become my greatest inspiration. He has brought out the best in me, his supportive, understanding, caring nature has nothing been more than extraordinary and I’m so appreciative of it. Sign of life comes to all at different times in their lives. It’s come to mine now at the age of 41 after all the difficulties, challenges and struggle I’ve endured. What a wild world we live in. It’s a way to settle yourself and a reminder to slow down when it’s needed. There’s no time frame. Life is merely temporary and to live it fully.