A New Chapter, New Beginnings

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In a year’s time I danced with the devil and more times than I can count, and let’s say it has been more than a handful. I reflect back on it and can say I’m so lucky to be alive, living and breathing. There were several moments of doubt as much as confusion. I battled between my heart and mind often. Nothing quite clicked. The trauma stuck to me like glue not wanting to come undone and from it several people have come and gone, and those who remained by my side I’m truly grateful for. They have been the biggest support through the transition, the mourning, the loss and grief. Adjusting wasn’t easy. It is finally now becoming softer. I recall someone who I’ve know since I was a tiny tot tell me recently  it becomes softer in time. I’m feeling it now. I’m absolutely excited to begin the next chapter. It will take me on many travels and adventure, and I’m so ready for the change and the move. Yes, it will be scary at first yet I know I’ll adjust well. I’ll write to you all with updates, share the new moments created, new traditions, even meal recipes, and from time to time new friends,  true friends. The friendships that have come from it is by far been incredible. Sitting here right now I’m thinking to myself, wow! Shellie you’re going to make it in this life and you’re going to experience new experiences, learning something new with each single passing day and feel excited over the experience. I’m learning what domestic bliss is. I never thought I would ever say this either. Domestic bliss is happening. Dang it, it does feel good!


In light of my new testimony a new poem emerged and it’s suits it well with the transition and changes.


The Next Chapter

I’ve danced with the devil, prayed out loud.He found out only to send me the signs. Here’s to the next chapter of my life The changes to be were meant to be. There coming so fastly. In my heart my soul I’m feeling such a glow. It’s the spark I never thought I’d ever know, and now that I do I know the one who’s always there. He has given me considerable hope.Not any stress not even a mess, and when I am he calms me to the bone. Such a blessing in disguise. What he’s done he listens and cheers me on.I have those who are family and with him in the chapter will be quiet clear, greatest transitions are coming near. The excitement is in the air.