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Due to mental health reasons a push back on book release dates have been reschedule

The Poetry Diaries Remastered – August 13,2021

Taking The Journey Life In ColorSeptember 10,2021

2021 Is off and ready for a big return for author Shellie Palmer. She’s currently writing and working on Re Mastered versions of all 5 previous books of the 8 part Journey Collection Series. She’s confident it will be her best since putting it off over the past few years.

It’s a long time coming. I’ve dealt with massive life events I couldn’t control. It consumed my very existence. I wasn’t in a good place mentally and emotionally as I am now.

Shellie Palmer

She’s excited to announce the release dates for both The Poetry Diaries and Taking The Journey Life In Color Remastered.

The Poetry Diaries – 07/16/21

Taking The Journey Life In Color – 08/17/21

Interviews, reviews, author spotlights announcements to come.

2020… Well, Shellie has taken time to re exam her lifestyle and work life all together. She’s finally found her place to balance work and life on a happy note.

Finding my niche finally has given me the peace I need and deserve to better balance myself. -Shellie Palmer

By the grace of God Shellie found herself spiritually this year, a reminder what she’s truly suppose to do with her life and that is to continue to connect with people through her writings, books, designs and blogs.

Shellie had taken a rather long hiatus for most of 2019 and happy to let readers and fans know she’s returned to writing, re works on her previous books from the journey collection. She will have several updates, news, announcements, projects coming up in the next couple of months.

“Thank you to everyone’s patience and understanding at this time. I greatly appreciate your support.”  ~ Shellie ~ 




Book Announcement and Updates!

Shellie Palmer has put her revisited edition of The Poetry Diaries on hold as of now. A release date yet known as she’s going through a rather difficult time and life adjustments these days. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Shellie is quite excited to make the official announcement of The Poetry Diaries Revisited Edition coming soon, as also up and coming giveaways, behind the scenes look/sneak preview and more.


The Heart of The Season With the Book Series

In recent news Shellie is bringing her books to you this Holiday season in plenty ways to get them first with giveaways, Kindle deal days & more. Stay tune……

Author spotlight Shellie Palmer Rp2

In recent news Shellie Palmer sat down with Realistic Poetry International to discuss writing, her book series The Journey Collection among her continued aspirations as a self-published author and what sets her apart from other writers, as what it means to her. The interview has been long awaited for quite some time. 

“I went through several hurdles, struggle and circumstances over the past couple of years. Writing wasn’t even a thought in my mind. Life took me away from it. To where I am now though has brought new perspective, a much different lifestyle and the realization why I began writing in the first place. It was the connection with others. That means more to me than making millions of dollars any old day.”

Get the entire interview here at Realistic Poetry International

Realisitic Poetry International Author Spotlight

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