The Female Empowerment Movement Project

My project of 2020 has taken quite a long time to get put together.

I’m to be reaching out to some of my female warriors, abuse survivors, female friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to scheduling, conducting interviews with them. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but due to my mental health and life situations it didn’t come to fruition. My newest blog I’m writing will tie into the project as well. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, unsettled with the project. It is mostly how people see them as a whole person, how they feel and react in situations and such. It’s pretty dang tough to be a woman. Each interview will no longer be than 10 minutes long, questions will be different and few for each person. I’ll have less than a dozen hand selected women from both Twitter and Facebook. Age isn’t a factor. Interviews will merge into the blog itself. Each one will be highlighted, have their spotlight if they wish among consent. The blog will in fact have a form of recognition on various female blogging sites online.

The names list will be provided in the coming week.

Project beginning set date will begin Monday November 16,2020.

Ending Date: TBD/ Continuation

Interviews coming soon!

Elizabeth Holland Interview

Elizabeth Holland is a young 20 something. She’s a tried and true strong young lady who has a good head on her shoulders. I find her to be a great role model for girls who fear of their insecurities. Her interview is to come available soon via blog. She’s currently on social media spotlight.

Norma Jean Gaston

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