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As I steer away from mental health posting for the time being I’m bringing to the forefront the importance of writing and how it improves our intelligence. No, you don’t need a degree to be a world known best selling author/writer let alone a newbie to a writing community. All it is, is the love and passion to write, maybe it’s a hobby or simply a way of therapy. It comes in all forms, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, self help, thriller, suspense, drama, comedy or romance. It could be sci-fi even. Regardless what you write, write because you like doing it. It could be a grand purpose of your’s. I hear from so many people who want to write a book on their life story which I praise folks for doing. Just know before you start that you’re doing it for the right reasons. There’s a lot of greed in the world and those who are only in it for the money will have a rude awakening when it comes to them.

There are resources and affiliate links here to help you along your writing journey. I take into account in which I post to share with among the writing community and self-published business who I do work with. 

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The importance of this post is how writing improves our memory and better our intelligence. Writing at least 10 to 20 minutes a day enhances what we take in from conversations with people, and I mean in physical form, person to person contact. No texting or messaging someone doesn’t count. The greatest stories are from the people we meet in person.

I was told once that if you wake up every morning to write and the last thing to do at night is to write you’re a writer. I live by this as I write morning, noon and night, and it’s not always typing. I write long handed in notebooks, I journal, write poetry, even write my thoughts of the day and as to when I do it’s not always in that order either.  Writing has a way to bring the most out of me emotionally, mentally and physically speaking. I visually and expressively see and feel it, and as an introvert it makes complete sense. Most people see me as an out going talkative person when truthfully I’m the complete opposite. I absorb what’s around me, how I feel, what I think, how I act, conversation with someone. I take it all in and turn it into what I write.  That is what’s real. Cause what you get is truth and realness. No fluff and snuff as I call it.

A good a story is a real one all laid out bare boned and all. Some of the greatest stories told are memoir’s, autobiographies told by the person themselves. Real life experience is so to speak a true testament, and it’s inspiring.

Taking time to read someone’s life’s story  will leave you questioning you’re own and what you’re meant to do with you’re life. Whether it is reading 5 to 10 minutes a day will help  improve your memory as well, and getting to know someone through writing prompts in an online writing community opens the flood gates to better writing even. We’re all learning and teaching one another through words, stories and experiences.

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