The Sweeter Side Of Living With Mental Illness

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Living with mental illness differs from person to person mentally, emotionally as well physically. I talk with my fellow warriors via twitter, some say there far more and complicated than mine, or are they?

I very well know when the good days happen and I like them, no intrusive thoughts, no over thinking or ruminating, no physical pain (which when they do come on the upper left quadrant of my rib cage becomes painful, to other bodily functions I can’t control), I get to singing along to the music I listen to, I have the energy to clean and work, which in fact is writing, working on book revisions, designing for my design portfolio, and I don’t over sleep. I find time to get out of the house and go places that I enjoy such as going to Tai Chi classes, walks in the park, going to see a movie and simply have a good drive. I can actually function which immensely helps my physical well being. A good day in fact boosts self-esteem which I’ve struggled with for quite a long time. My insecurities remain a challenge though. I began a sketch book of self affirmation quotes with illustrations. I go to them when the insecurities pop up, and as of lately not so much of the insecurities have occurred which has been stupendous to say the very least. However lately struggling  with insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

I must say not every day will be a good day it’s taking every day as it comes, and enjoy the good ones that which matter the most. So there is a sweet side to living with mental illness it’s knowing when it happens, and like I said everyone differs from the sweet side.  I’m going to run it down to a list, and the list is a bit long which consist of several good moments I hear from others including myself.

  • High energy levels
  • Boost in mood such as happiness, joy, peace, and over all smiling
  • no chronic pain or aching joints
  • no body tension ((in a relaxed state)
  • physical productivity (no fatigue)
  • enjoyment with others and interaction
  • no isolation
  • taking walks
  • gaining interest in hobbies
  • spending time with animals
  • cooking
  • crafts and art
  • reading
  • spending time with friends and family
  • attending church
  • Attending a concert or special events
  • journal writing


It all comes down to being in the present moment, breathing, touching, smell, taste and hear which is basically grounding techniques to keep the mind and body at bay, balanced. It’s a difficult process and it takes time and patience to work through your mind and body, emotionally and physically.  There’s no time frame, limit. Go at your own speed. For those who work a full time job the difficulties a little harder, especially with having children. There’s not so much as easier times, it is merely taking it one day at a time like I said.

The sweet side is beauty and we want and need to hold onto it as long as we can.