Emotional Overloading & How To Cope

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As I write this I’ve contemplated several thoughts and emotions to absolute confusion. Was I stupid to fall for it? Why did I let it go too far? Was I just a ploy in his mind games? “Why Shellie, why?” I question myself. I was never really trusting to others, people have an agenda, motives, and tricks, much as a deck of cards. You never know what you get from the hand.  It was and is abuse both mentally and emotionally, and to cope with the trauma I do the very best I can.

I’m currently writing about it, the entire truth in detail. WARNING!! sexually explicit.

An article coming in the coming weeks from a health and recovery magazine to various blogs and other magazines online. All will be exposed and to the real person who’s identity was stolen. He may be a songwriter/musician/entertainer, he’s a human being just like you and me, Kip Moore, the very real Kip Moore that many know of , heard and seen perform live.

While I stew over these emotions and complete confusion know what I need and that is to heal the right way and cope. I might have learned several coping skills over the past year I remain traumatized. Now it’s my time, time to truly speak up, and it is a form of rape through an online relationship that which lasted two years too long.

I cry and cry, and try every single day not to let it get to me, however it does. The past week was truly excruciating to the point of severe suicidal thoughts, the recurring dream and complete isolation. Rape and domestic abuse survivors too live with continuing trauma in which they take medication for, and fortunately the medication I take hasn’t done much throughout the past month or so. Now I’m seeking trauma counseling. It will be quite difficult, a challenge in itself. I’m ready, so very ready!!

Coping with trauma is different for mental and emotional survivors. I talk with them via Twitter often, some quite similar to mine. Here are just some of the coping skills I use on those not so good days. 

  • Light scented candles ( I enjoy the relaxing feel )
  • reading a good book, uplifting, mysteries, and inspirational.
  • Taking hikes on park trails, when the weather is permitting
  • Writing. I write a ton. That’s the author in me. LOL….
  • adult color. You know the adult coloring books. Best thing ever.
  • declutter a specific room in the house.

What are some of the coping skills you use when depression, anxiety and trauma induced episodes occur? I like to hear from you.

Knowing what I need and to do is up to me, and just simply getting the real Kip Moore on board as he has discussed several times of online scams and fraud. However my experience is so far different.