The Meaning Behind The Winter Blues

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Most of us have heard of the winter blues however everyone has a different interpretation on the meaning. For some it is hibernating under the covers, feeling less motivated, have no energy or lack of, wallow, and merely not leave the house.  All set aside though the winter blues is a contributor of depression, any form of it. I’ve had conversations with people. It left me with questions, thoughts and a way to really discuss it.

Seasonal Depression Disorder (SDD) is known as the winter blues as to other forms of depression. Clinical depression, massive to major depression, and even bi-polar disorders. I’m not a professional MD, counselor, or therapist. I’m just a person who lives with massive to major depression. I’m self educated on mental health and what I’ve learned myself through my time in counseling and therapy sessions. The most eye opening topic of discussion I’ve had with others is quite interesting to say the least, and there is no right or wrong answer either. Some have told me straight out it’s difficult to shut down mentally when it’s needed, even when it is to slow down and take care of themselves to cope. There are coping skills and they just may help you.

  • Taking a bubble bath
  • reading
  • baking
  • playing a board game with friends and family
  • interacting with your pet
  • listening to music
  • exercise
  • crafting
  • writing in a journal

The list is quite endless. I’ve had my routine completely thrown off  recently not much leaving the house unless it’s needed. I get bored easily and try to find something I haven’t done in awhile which is actually sitting down and organizing a junk drawer or a particular section of my living room or bedroom. Clutter has had a way to really get to me lately. “Just do it Shellie”, I tell myself. I think I need a little boost of confidence which has been lacking since the weather has been extremely cold or at an unusual temp, and those days of no sunshine, ugh!! The lack of sunshine, the Vitamin D of mother nature is quite important for those who live with depression. It’s a mood booster and when we lack the vitamin D the body goes to it’s attack mode on the immune system. It’s much harder to ward of sickness when not getting our vitamin D. How do we get it during the winter months. A daily routine taking our vitamins and supplements and eating three healthy meals ( no sugar). That too I’m dealing with right now. It surely isn’t easy and there’s no magic potion to resolve our not so there moods. Hormones sure portray a part of it as well.

I’ll never be sure of the name, the winter blues. It’s odd to me to say the least. All I know is that it is an emotional, mental state of mind and of emotions.