What Is Life & It’s Greatest Meaning

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What has come out of 2018 where struggles, hardship, great challenges, transition and a spiritual awakening only I could ever imagine in my life. Lifestyle, health, wellness, spirituality and a deeper meaning of life in general. I was given hope, not forgotten, supported and loved from those who truly care, appreciate, respect and those who I have put complete trust in which is quite rare.

Reality kicks us around quite a bit doesn’t it? Knocks us down, wants us to fail, throw out all these circumstances in front of us. Of course, who says it’s easy? It isn’t. It’s tough and brutal among all things.

  1.  Finances
  2. Child care
  3. Medical Insurance
  4.  Health
  5. Job
  6. Bills
  7. Taxes
  8. Death of a loved one
  9. Mental Health
  10. Grief

I’ve gone through it all excluding the child care, although I’m still a child in the eyes of my parents. Every parent sees their adult grown children as a child, their babies. It’s only natural. They want to help heal their wounds, fix them, take care of them all they can, and worry when not heard from until they do. In all truth I’ve grown more into myself and who I am as a person these days. I’m sure you are as well along your life’s journey. Like I’ve said it’s not easy.

When you feel as if the world comes crashing down around you with no one to pick you up, you learn to pick yourself up. Sucking it up is what I call it. We can complain, whine, sulk and mope but it doesn’t get us anywhere. I’m not only talking on my behalf, I’m talking on yours. Yeah, You! We find ourselves in different places in our lives regardless of our age. You maybe 16 and reading this, possibly 60, or 25. I’m just throwing out numbers. You get my drift. I’m 41 and have found my place, my greatest meaning. I’m a writer, self-published. I write poetry and I blog. Well, there are a few other things that have completely transitioned my life. Getting into nature, being one with animals. Taking care of them. Children, children of all ages. I’m a big kid at heart. I’ve learned to tone it down a little. I’ll always remain one though. I have become more in tune with my body, physically as well emotional and mentally. The difficulty of it though is the emotional and mental abuse I’ve gone through, learning to love myself all over again. I can be quite hard on myself and when I discovered Tai Chi and meditation it lifted my spirits, to becoming one with the world and my spiritual beliefs. My values and morals. I attend church, bible study and pray.

I want you to know you too have great meaning in your life. It will come to you and it will lift you, and you’ll begin see the numbers 11:11, 1:11, 7:11 quite often, you’ll even see 3:11, 6:11, 10:11. Those are you’re spirit guides, angels protecting you guiding you along among your divine purpose. Everyone has them as do I. I’m not giving it away though. When it happens to you you’ll know it pay attention to it. Life is a series of events through every struggle, challenge you’ve ever been faced with.

At first I was quite calm and at peace with no racing thoughts or worry, let alone any stress. I found it odd yet content so I looked into on a deeper level. This was soon after I purchased a bracelet, a lotus bracelet which connected me to my body, mind and spirit in which was all entangled for little more than 2 years. I opened a board on  Pinterest titled Mind,Body And Soul. There you’ll see and read more on how to connect with yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Follow the link here:

Mind, Body And Soul Pinterest Board


I’m also providing an affiliated link for those who live with depression and have suicidal thoughts or have possibly attempted to suicide. Donations are accepted, and the jewelry purchased a portion of those sales help, and to bring awareness. The lotus, tree of life, strength, wisdom and encourage have great meaning to us all.

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