Reality & Film: The Effect

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Reality and film are quite different on all spectrum’s as film is a just a story where as reality is based on facts. The question is, are films based on around reality? The answer, yes. Movies and film that have a reality based story line are inspired, based on real life facts and events. Where as some films have more of a made up story line although have an inspirational tie to some reality and truth.

The most recent film out in theaters now, A Star Is Born may not be a reality based movie it is the story line in which a famous musician entertainer has an encounter with a woman who’s life is less than glamorous. Ally portrayed by Lady Gaga a food server by day night club singer, songwriter by night meets Jackson Main a well known singer, songwriter, musician portrayed by Bradly Cooper. The two meet by chance at the night club Ally performs at. The connection, an intense one from the get go. The entire premises of the film, opportunity, life and art.  SPOILER ALERT!! sexual explicit scenes, drug & alcohol addiction, mental illness. Take note of the spoiler alert.

For those who haven’t seen the film I’m leaving out details. I’ll let you see it first. Have you seen it? What did you take away from the movie and how did you relate to it? I ask these questions in light of the fact I’ve been through a major life event in which led to rehab, therapy, counseling and diagnosis of high functioning anxiety and massive depression. Treated for PTSD yet not diagnosed. The film triggered memories on my part that left me with racing thoughts, rumination and worry. The physical attributes instantly caused physical pain, discomfort, severe headache and crying spell. When a trigger or triggers occur controlling my emotions, thoughts and behaviors are rather difficult to control. I’m reminded of coping skills to bring me back to reality, in the present moment.

A Star Is Born may not be the film for you unless your not affected by mental illness as it is a portion of the movie. To be frank, reality and life experience is set around the story line. Be cautious!  I saw people walking out of the theater with heads down sobbing or simply trembling physically due to anxiety. Anxiety and depression is wide spread across the country and many have never been treated or not even on medication as they believe they can live without.  Reality and life is a stressor, a challenge daily. I won’t give advice as I said just be cautious when seeing the film.

Your thoughts, feelings and opinions are encouraged in this blog.

Disclaimer! I don’t represent this film. It isn’t a review and won’t be used on any film or movie sites.

I’d like folks to talk about it, mental illness and addiction shown in films gives out bad vibes to people who live with mental illness and sobriety. There’s no shame in speaking up even though you feel it. We’re not alone.

The reality of it all there are films that touch on the subject and in this case it is A Star Is Born.



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