Healing & Recovery All While Living With Mental Illness

Healing Recovery While Living With Mental Illness For blog 2 -

“It isn’t so much practicing daily coping skills. There’s much more to it. It is what the body tells us when it’s time to shut down for awhile.”

Healing takes time and a great amount of self love and self compassion. I’m learning more of it these days due to my ever changing lifestyle. I don’t over work myself when it comes to my writing and I sure don’t spend endless hours online working on book projects that have been left undone. Everything is done by tracking online use and it works! Now that I look back and reflect on what I did before a few years ago I think to myself why did I wrapped myself up into too many projects and a retail job and not find any me time. Later on it came to the point I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained to exhaustion to family matters and an unusual encounter that would lead to so much turmoil and danger in my life. I was vulnerable, weak, fatigued and sick constantly. It never dawned on me I was intoxicating myself by mind, body and soul. I was a lost soul taken into temptation, secrets and lies which is quite out of character for me.

More times than I can count therapy, counseling, one on one’s with a therapist, counselor and psychologist became quite a habit as I was unable to cope with two major life events. What came from it in fact damaged my self worth, self esteem, self confidence and not loving myself as I once did before. Honestly I blamed myself, felt shame and guilt to literally beating myself up over one of the major events that would cause such extreme mental, emotional and physical pain. My beliefs were drowned into a pool of dark water, I was unable to breathe. There were days of complete isolation and severe crying spells completely out of my control. My racing thoughts over shadowed me daily. I knew myself of the depression and anxiety until I went through the proper diagnosis while through treatment. High functioning GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and massive depression. I was taught coping skills: mindfulness, behavioral and emotional. All in which would take time to learn and adapt to. What a process! The learning, the teaching and how to use it effectively. I remain to use the coping skills when life situations and stress arise now that I’m no longer in a treatment based program. It isn’t so much practicing daily coping skills though. There’s much more to it. It is what the body tells us when it’s time to shut down for awhile. It is listening to the body and how to take care of it when it’s needed. It’s like a car. A car can’t run unless it has gas, it needs hygiene when it get’s dirty, and then there’s overall health, a tune up when it becomes out of alignment. Our body is the same. Avoiding hygiene and health comes illness and I for one living with mental illness have those moments when it’s all thrown out of alignment.

What I’m learning every day now is how to improve my mental and overall health. It’s not easy either. It takes practice, time and patience. Mediation, grounding, self compassion and my needs is keeping me from going into a tailspin. The time I spend what excites me, makes me happy and gives joy has great significance to keep me balanced and in tune with the world. The world keeps moving. Adapting to new healthy habits is a struggle though since I’m a big sweet eater. It’s my pitfall. I know when my body tells me when to back off. Warning signs pop up. Acne, feeling sluggish, weight gain,etc. Changing it up with healthier food options has made a huge difference, it’s when I fall off the bicycle trying to get back on. It’s hard! I do it without necessarily thinking about it. I thank Pinterest for it and all the amazing healthier options. I’m not much of a cook so when I want a little something easy I go to these amazing little recipes that take no more than 20 minutes. Sometimes I implement my own changes to a recipe. It’s amazing and I feel healthier in the long run.

Taking care of my body the way I know how has done a world of good for me while living with anxiety and depression. It’s not always going to be easy though as I’ve become well aware of. It is merely having patience and taking time every single day.


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