Mental Health & Online Why It Doesn’t Work

Of all things in the world social media has become a new way to communicate and connect with others, and well it isn’t the case for those living with mental illness unless you’re willing to own up to what you put out there. Privately speaking that is. It opens the flood gates for people to be used and taken advantage of. Easy target, easy prey. I could go into statistics as I’ve become much more aware the percentage of scams, fraud and impersonators who jump at the chance to come out of their dungeon walls.

Due to the volume of people who work from home via online, bloggers, self-published authors, small businesses, freelance writers, content writers, journalists, mental health bloggers and activists such as myself the list is endless. I see and hear more from mental health bloggers and just your run of the mill folks opening up living with mental illness and how they get hate mail, threats, and unwanted people who talk a dirty mouth. What comes out of your mouth comes consequences.  It’s not all bad and it’s not all good. It comes to the point of over sharing your personal life with others who don’t know you. They can’t see you through a computer screen or cell phone. You don’t know who’s on the other end. Social media isn’t the place for it unless your aware of the consequences first hand. Anyone with mental illness and are highly active talking about their life with mental illness makes it that much more difficult on them in the long run. I’ve made it clear when I became an advocate to raise awareness around mental health I’d keep my private life out of it and have. I work around it with out sharing too much of my personal life. It’s a need to know basis.

Everyone works different, different mind set, different personality, different lifestyle. When I was diagnosed in March of 2017 with high functioning generalized anxiety and massive depression coping with it was staying as far away from social media to much other ways without using online to get the “poor you or I’m sorry” from someone. Taking walks in the park, coloring, listening to music, reading, crafting were my go to’s, to writing poetry and journaling. It’s my way to cope. After 2 relapses and extensive therapy, counseling and group therapy thought I had it nicked in the bud. It was due to being online at times I shouldn’t have been and due to my current circumstances in which led to the diagnoses. There are days I can control it and there are days I can’t. Generalized high functioning anxiety and massive depression for me is combating. It’s a cycle battling between my heart and mind. The combination is crippling. Rumination, worry thoughts pop up. I begin to judge myself as a bad person. It so much has made me feel less confident in myself when all I would like is to be me confident in my skin as I was before. There’s no going back in time to change it. What’s been done has been done.

I’ve had some great support online from some fellow mental health bloggers/ warriors themselves. It’s all taking it with the grain of salt. Once the wounds are open vulnerabilities come about, it is when the guard is down when social media and mental health don’t mix.

All in all mental health and online use doesn’t work.




Social media is toxic. It will consume a person with mental health issues living with mental illness. I don’t recommend it to anyone to be online no more than 2 hours. The consumption is the devils work.